«The whole world fits in each painting by Carles because the whole world fits into one emotion.»

Gustavo Villapalos,

about the 1995 Paris exhibition

Mystical weddings with tamed nature: this is what Carles’ gardens are like.

When they are not orchards, they are streets and places of a hypostatic Mallorca, recreated by the concrete emotion of a precise moment. Carles delimits an area, calibrates the tone of its light, classifies its reverberations, discriminates between the vibration of each shadow, catalogs the profiles of the forms on the ether, analyzes the protean face of the landscape and… then listens to the echo that each radiation produces in your consciousness. And they translate it into colors on the canvas.

The borders of the canvas are the walls of the hortus conclusus, that locus that is the center of a horizon of other places. The presence of the rest of the world imposes a special structure on the delimited territory that thickens both with what is visible and with the context that contaminates the text to make it exclusive, but not exclusive. The whole world fits into each painting by Carles because the whole world fits into one emotion. In that you can guess the impressionist preferences, that superb and meticulous vocation to portray, more than a place, a state of mind.

But this influence does not exhaust the genealogy of his way of looking. His thought is his look. Carles walks through his garden like Polifilo through the one of his dreams: escorted by two nymphs.

If one is called Thelemia – The Will, The Desire-; the other, Logistics – La Razón-. That is why those who contemplate his work intuit behind the brush the ascetic who purifies disorder, feral nature. The locus horridus is transmuted into an oasis, encompassable but intense transcript of the imaginary Paradise. Locus amoenus, then, an effective balm for spirits sick with dispersion, overwhelmed by sensations, many of which are miserable and none of which is just ecstasy.

Postmodern art flatters and fills the part of our soul drugged with precariousness. Carles’ gardens, however, act as a remedy whose active principle may consist in the lucidity of suspecting that the canvas is nothing more than the meeting place of some forms and colors welded together for the moment. When everything dazzles us, Carles illuminates us. As if there were no more questions. Only answers that intoxicate us with the definitive, shut down boredom and horror and make us react like pure spirits devoured by the serenity of cobalts. Even because of the expansive euphoria of the yellows.

Gustavo Villapalos,
about the 1995 Paris exhibition

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