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Carlos Ángel Díaz Huertas was born in Córdoba in 1866 and died in Dos Hermanas (Seville) in 1937. Illustrator and painter. He resides as a child in Madrid, where he moved his family looking for better job prospects. At the age of twelve reaches its first prize in a contest of drawings in Madrid, what might influence his father, printer of its own motion, accept the boy to study fine arts. Pupil of artist José Sandó, attends also the drawing of the circle of fine arts classes, managing to see soon published his drawings in "Illustration Spanish and American", "The field" and "The Iberian illustration". When the Marquis of Luca de Tena decides to found an important journal, establishes contact with the painter, which is who suggests the title "Blanco y Negro", which displayed the major publication in 1891 on the cover wearing an excellent illustration of Díaz orchards, which continued to collaborate in the magazine without interruption for more than thirty years.In the exhibition national fine arts in 1889 reaches a third Medal for his work "Rebels", a distinction which repeat in 1901, with his painting "In the room of foundlings". He also made a series of large canvases for the reading room of the circle of the friendship of Córdoba, under the generic title of "The five senses". The Alvarez Quintero brothers influenced its decision to reside in Utrera. He later moved to Dos Hermanas and finally to Córdoba, where he was Professor of the school of Arts and crafts. Díaz Huertas is, without doubt, one of the top figures of the Spanish enlightenment of the time.His works, full of grace and freshness, reflect the mores of his time with a smart popular cheerfully.

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