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Lux Perpetua Art Center. Merida. Yucatan

Gallery Herraiz


Mercado de San Genaro

Gallery Herraiz. Madrid. December

Gallery L'imge. Sevilla. Permanent

Gallery Lux Perpetua. Merida. Yucatan. Mexico. Permanent


Gallery Aguafuerte. Mexico D.F. January

Galllery Arimany. Tarragona. Mars-April

Gallery Terraferma. Lleida. 29 April - 19 May

Sala Julio Romero Real Círculo de la Amistad. Cordoba. February-Marz


Gallery Mar. Barcelona. December

Gallery Aguafuerte. Mexico. December-January

Gallery Arimany. Tarragona. November-December

Cato Alexander. Mexico D.F. October

Gallery Aguafuerte. Mexico. April

Gallery Aguafuerte. Mexico. January

Corredor Cultural Alejo Peralta. Mexico. January

Coll Bardolet Fondation. Majorca. Permanent

American School Art Fair
3-5 December
Mexico City

Affordable Art Fair Mexico
17-19 October

Permanent exhibition of drawings in Foundation Coll Bardolet (Valldemossa-Mallorca)

Exhibition in Gaudi Gallery (Miguel Ángel,16 Madrid)

Permanent exhibition in TREN DE L'ART, The Sóller train Station, Pl. Espanya 6, Palma de Mallorca

Exhibition in India Art Fair in New Delhi (India)

Exhibition of drawings in Foundation Coll Bardolet (Valldemossa-Mallorca)
(10-31 October)

Affordable Art Fair México (18-20 Octubre)


Exhibition in the Coll Bardolet Foundation (Valldemossa - Balearic Islands - Spain)

Exhibition in the Catherine Niederhauser Gallery (Lausanne - Switzerland)

Exhibition in Hote Gat Point Charlie (Berlin - Germany)

Auction a work of Carles in Christie's Auction Room in New York
+see link

Cultural exhibition in King Abdulaziz Historical Centre - National Museum of Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) and later in the House of the Artists in Jeddah
(Saudi Arabia)

Exhibition in the Durán Gallery (Madrid - Spain)

Exhibition in the Herraiz Gallery(Madrid - Spain)

The President of the C.O.I Mr. Juan Antonio Samaranch, receives a work of Carles
+see photo

Exhibition in the Catherine Niederhauser Gallery (Lausanne - Switzerland)

Exhibition in the Gilbert and Paul Petrides Gallery (Paris - France)

Exhibition in the Herraiz Gallery (Madrid - Spain)
Delivery of two Carles's pictures on the part of the Consell of Majorca to SM The Queen Dona Sofía

Carles's pictures are auctioned in the Room of Auctions Durán

The President of Panama Mr. Guillermo Endara receives a work of Carles
+see photo


The Govern Balear delivers a work of Carles to Michael Douglas
+see photo

Exhibition in the Circle of Fine arts of Palma (Balearics - Spain)

Carlos Diaz, Carles was born 20th, April,1968 in Pto de la Cruz (Tenerife Canarias) but he has lived all his life in Mallorca. He studied Drawing and Painting in Círculo de Bellas Artes de Palma de Mallorca and when he was 23 fulfills his first exhibition in Círculo de Bellas Artes de Palma. Under the petition of Govern Balear he makes a painting of S'Estaca for Michael Douglas. Next he was ordered two paintings of Marivent that are delivered to S.M. The Queen Doña Sofía in the summer of 1994. That same year exhibits with a huge critical and public success in Galeria Herraiz in Madrid. Afterwards he fulfills expositions in Paris, Switzerland, Madrid, Berlin and Museo Nacional del Centro Histórico Rey Abdulaziz (Saudi Arabia) where he delivers through the embassador, D. Manuel Alabart, a painting to the prince Salman. Among celebrities that own works of Charles we can find the Duchess of Alba and the BaronessThyssen and among institutions that have some of his works: the Olímpic Museum of Lausanne (Switzerland), the head office in Paris of UNESCO and the Consell of Mallorca (Balearic islands).

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